1 supreme (importante).
2 main (principal).
3 deadly (religion) (pecado).
4 principal, main, capital.
1 capital (economics & finance).
capital circulante/fijo/social working/fixed/share capital
capital escriturado share capital , capital stock (United States)
capital líquido liquid assets
capital bajo riesgo sum at risk
capital de riesgo venture capital, risk capital
capital social share capital
2 capital city, chief city, capital, chief town.
3 principal, total assets, assets, capital sum.
* * *
1 (principal) capital, principal, main, chief
es de importancia capital it's of capital importance
2 (relativo a la pérdida de la cabeza) deadly, capital
un pecado capital a deadly sin, a cardinal sin
una pena capital capital punishment
3 (ciudad) capital
nombre masculino
1 FINANZAS capital
nombre femenino
1 capital, chief town
capital activo working capital
capital inicial capital
capital líquido net capital
capital social share capital
capital de provincia county town, US county seat
* * *
1. adj.
1) main, chief, key
2) capital
2. noun f.
* * *
1. ADJ
1) (=clave) [nombre, personaje] key; [rasgo] main

una figura capital de la democracia española — a key figure in Spanish democracy

su obra capital es el Quijote — his supreme work is Don Quixote

esta pregunta es de importancia capital — this question is of paramount o cardinal o capital importance

esto tuvo una importancia capital en su vida — this was of paramount o cardinal importance in his life

los puntos capitales de su discurso — the cardinal o main points of her speech

la ciudad capital — the capital city

2) (=mortal)

pecado capital — mortal sin

la pena capital — capital punishment

3) LAm

letra capital — capital letter

SM (Econ) [de empresa] capital; [de persona] capital, money

la empresa ha ampliado el capital — the company has increased its capital

capital activo — working capital

capital en acciones — share capital, equity capital

capital extranjero, la entrada de capital extranjero — the inflow of foreign capital

han vendido la empresa al capital extranjero — they have sold the company to foreign capital o investors

capital fijo — fixed capital

capital flotante — floating capital

capital humano — human resources pl

capital privado — private capital

capital riesgo — risk capital, venture capital

3. SF
1) [de país] capital (city); [de provincia] main city, provincial capital

soy de Málaga capital — I am from the city of Málaga ( as opposed to the province )

Praga, la capital europea de la cerveza — Prague, the beer capital of Europe

2) (Tip) decorated initial capital
* * *
adjetivo <importancia> cardinal, prime; <influencia> seminal (frml); <obra> key, seminal (frml); <letra> capital
1) (Com, Fin) capital
2) (recursos, riqueza) resources (pl)
a) (de país) capital; (de provincia) provincial capital, ≈ county seat (in US), ≈ county town (in UK)

Valencia capital — the city of Valencia

b) (centro) capital

la capital del vino — the wine capital

2) (letra) capital
* * *
adjetivo <importancia> cardinal, prime; <influencia> seminal (frml); <obra> key, seminal (frml); <letra> capital
1) (Com, Fin) capital
2) (recursos, riqueza) resources (pl)
a) (de país) capital; (de provincia) provincial capital, ≈ county seat (in US), ≈ county town (in UK)

Valencia capital — the city of Valencia

b) (centro) capital

la capital del vino — the wine capital

2) (letra) capital
* * *
1 = capital city, capital.
Nota: Ciudad.

Ex: The capital city of London has some major general bookshops and a number of specialist bookshops which are virtually national suppliers.

Ex: For this purpose, press and information offices have been established in the capitals of the ten member countries.
* capital de la nación = nation-state capital.
* capital del estado = nation-state capital, state capital.
* capital de provincia = provincial capital.
* capital estatal = state capital.

2 = assets, capital.
Nota: Dinero.

Ex: Those eligible normally include only companies with less than 45 million of net fixed assets and fewer than 500 employees.

Ex: Repayments is normally by equal half-yearly payments of capital and interest after a moratorium on capital repayments of up to five years, depending on project completion date.
* capital activo = working capital.
* capital cognitivo = knowledge assets.
* capital cultural = cultural asset.
* capital de riesgo = venture capital.
* capital desembolsado = paid-up capital.
* capital digital = digital assets.
* capital económico = financial capital.
* capital en obligaciones = debenture capital, debenture stock.
* capital fijo = fixed capital.
* capital físico = physical capital.
* capital humano = human capital.
* capital iniciador = seeding money, seed money.
* capital intelectual = intellectual capital.
* capitalista que presta capital de riesgo = venture capitalist.
* capital social = social capital.
* desembolso de capital = capital outlay.
* flujo de capital = capital flow.
* gastos de capital = capital costs, capital investment, capital expenditure.
* inmovilizar capital = tie up + capital.
* intereses del capital = capital charges.
* inversión de capital = capital costs, capital investment, capital expenditure.
* invertir capital = sink + capital.
* mercado de capitales = financial market, capital market.
* pagar capital = repay + capital.
* suma de capital = capital sum.

3 = pivotal.

Ex: His position was pivotal because he was not only the organizer but also the financier and indeed the speculator of the book trade.

* de capital importancia = momentous, of cardinal importance.

* * *
‹importancia› cardinal, prime; ‹influencia› seminal (frml); ‹obra› key, seminal (frml)
A (Com, Fin) capital
aportó el 40% del capital she put up 40% of the capital
grande1 (↑ grande (1))
capital circulante
circulating o working capital
capital emitido
issued capital
capital fijo
fixed capital
capital flotante
floating o current assets (pl)
capital nominal
nominal capital
capital pagado
paid-in o paid-up capital
capital riesgo
risk o venture capital
capital social
share capital
B (recursos, riqueza) resources (pl)
1 (de país) capital; (de provincia) provincial capital, ≈ county seat (in US), ≈ county town (in UK)
¿eres de Valencia capital? are you from the city of Valencia o from Valencia itself o from Valencia proper?
2 (centro) capital
la capital del vino the wine capital
* * *


capital adjetivo ‹importanciacardinal, prime;
influenciaseminal (frml);
obrakey, seminal (frml)
■ sustantivo masculino
a) (Com, Fin) capital

b) (recursos, riqueza) resources (pl)

■ sustantivo femenino (de país) capital;
(de provincia) provincial capital, ≈ county seat (in US), ≈ county town (in UK);
Valencia capital the city of Valencia

I sustantivo femenino capital: la orquesta tocará en las principales capitales europeas, the orchestra will play in all the main European capitals
II sustantivo masculino Fin capital
capital activo/social, working/share capital
III adjetivo capital, main
pena capital, capital punishment

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* * *
1. [importante] supreme, prime;
[error] serious, grave;
es de capital importancia que vengan it is of prime o the utmost importance that they come;
una obra capital de la literatura universal one of the great works of world literature
2. [pecado] deadly
Econ capital;
el capital público/privado public/private capital;
he invertido un pequeño capital en el negocio de mi hermano I've invested a small sum in my brother's business;
el capital y los trabajadores Capital and Labour
capital activo active capital;
capital circulante working capital;
capital disponible available capital;
capital escriturado share capital, US capital stock;
capital especulativo hot money;
capital fijo fixed capital;
capital flotante floating capital;
Am capitales golondrina = speculative capital invested internationally wherever the highest returns are available;
capital humano human capital;
capital inicial starting capital;
capital inmovilizado tied-up capital;
capital intelectual intellectual capital;
capital invertido capital invested;
capital líquido liquid assets;
capital productivo active capital;
capital (de) riesgo private equity;
[para empresas en desarrollo] venture capital, risk capital;
entidad de capital riesgo private equity firm;
capital social share capital, US capital stock;
capital suscrito subscribed capital
1. [de país, región] capital (city);
soy de Teruel capital I'm from the city of Teruel
2. [centro] capital;
París es la capital mundial del arte Paris is the artistic capital of the world
capital europea de la cultura European city of culture
* * *
I adj importancia prime;
pena capital capital punishment
II f de país capital
III m COM capital
* * *
capital adj
1) : capital
2) : chief, principal
capital nm
: capital
capital de riesgo: venture capital
capital nf
: capital, capital city
* * *
capital n capital

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